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Is having naturally healthy skin important to you? We’ve found through the years that our clients are more concerned with the overall health of their skin than most other skin care concerns. At Therapon our goal is to help you reveal the beauty that is YOU and for you to be confident in your beauty. In staying with this month’s theme of hearing what other people have to say about our products read what Amy from “Amy Writes” had to say about our Skin Renewal System.\n“Review: Theraderm Skin Care Regime” I turned the big 4-0 this year, and the time had finally come for me to establish a firm, clinical skin care routine. I have always taken good care of my skin – even wearing sunscreen daily since my teens – but the time had come to step things up a notch. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, either, so having naturally healthy skin is all the more important.\nI was introduced to Theraderm by Tracy Beckerman, author of the hilarious summer read Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir, when she treated a group of Chicago moms to an evening of pampering that included a blow-out at Blow by Blow salon, where a stylist curled my hair into a Great Gatsby-esque wavy bob. Tracy has awesome skin and when she recommended Theraderm, I decided to give it a try, too.\nI need products that are easy to use, don’t require more than ten minutes to apply, are unscented, and are gentle and soothing. I have sensitive, combination (but often dry) skin, and strong fragrances and concoctions will irritate it; my skin simply won’t tolerate harsh ingredients. I am lucky enough to have few wrinkles, but I can feel them settling in on my face as the years go by. With this in mind, I began the Theraderm Skin Renewal System with Enriched Moisturizer regimen.\nHere’s a breakdown:\nWhat it is formulated to do:\nDelivers radiant skin by improving skin health\nDefends skin against the environment and signs of aging\nEnhances skin’s natural ability to restore itself\nCombats oxidative damaged caused by free radicals\nEnriched Facial Moisturizer is ideal for dry, mature or dehydrated skin\nSystem Includes:\nCleansing Wash (4oz)\nFruit Acid Exfoliant (2oz)\nOPC Reparative Gel (1oz)\nEnriched Facial Moisturizer (1.7oz)\nGentle Action Application Pads (100ct)\nActive Ingredients:\nUnbuffered Lactic Acid\nOligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC’s)\nHyaluronic Acid\nLanolin\nAfter just two weeks on this system, my skin looked noticeably brighter, with a more even skin tone. It really did reduce the appearance of fine lines, especially those around my eyes. My skin feels smoother and overall, it looks more radiant. The longer I follow this routine, the better my skin appears. I also haven’t had to deal with any irritation issues, a common occurrence on my sensitive skin.\nThere are just four steps I need to take, morning and night:\nDirections:\nStep 1: Cleanse. Apply one pump of Theraderm Cleansing Wash to a wet washcloth and gently cleanse face in a circular motion. Rinse and pat dry.\nStep 2: Exfoliate. Squeeze approximately 10 drops of Theraderm Fruit Acid Exfoliant on a Theraderm® Gentle Action Application Pad then apply to neck and face, including eyelids. Do not rinse. Avoid contact with eyes.\nStep 3: Repair. With fingertips, apply Theraderm OPC Reparative Gel thinly over entire face including eyelids up to lashes, neck and other sun-exposed areas. Do not rinse.\nStep 4: Hydrate. Apply a small amount of Theraderm Gentle, or Enriched Facial Moisturizer with fingertips, smoothing over face with gentle upward strokes.\nI’m very happy to have discovered a great fit for my skin. And since I can just order everything online, it takes the headache out of having to run to to the store every time I need a new product. The products all fit together well, taking away the guesswork I experienced when trying to fit several different products into my previous mis-matched skincare routine.\nGive Theraderm a try and let me know what you think. Sign up for the Theraderm Newsletter and you’ll save 15% on your first order!


From the day we’re born the aging process begins. The older we get, signs of aging begin to accumulate, causing our skin to lose its vibrant youthful glow. Theraderm OPC Reparative Gel is a powerful moisturizing antioxidant serum boosted with hyaluronic acid & lipoic acid, which aids to restore younger looking skin. Theraderm OPC Reparative Gel acts to: \nVisibly reduce the signs of aging\nProtect skin against environmental damage and free radicals with powerful antioxidants\nRejuvenate sun-damaged skin, and inhibit UVA and UVB radiation damage\nDecrease inflammation while enabling vitamin C in its function of protecting and repairing skin collagen and elastin\nEncourage smoother, more plump skin with hyaluronic acid, also sometimes known as the “molecule of youth”\nReduce the redness and flushing of Rosacea with alpha lipoic acid\nSoothe and heal skin with cold-pressed aloe vera extract\nPromote the growth of thicker, smoother skin\nRepair skin damaged by acne breakouts\n \nTheraderm OPC Reparative Gel: \nIs suitable for all skin types\nIs 20x more effective than vitamin C as a free radical scavenger\nIs 50X more effective than vitamin E as a free radical scavenger\nIs soothing after microdermabrasion and chemical peels\nContains hyaluronic acid, which attracts 1000x its own weight in moisture\nContains no oils – making it a superior moisturizer for oil-prone, acne-prone and Rosacea skin types\nContains no parabens or gluten\nFor skin as soft as a baby’s, try Theraderm OPC Reparative Gel. We know you’re going to love the results.


Here at the office people often ask what we think of this product or that product. We’re slightly biased because if we didn’t love these products it would be hard to work here. So this month we thought we’d share what other people are saying about our products. Leave a comment if you happen to know this blogger and tell us what you think. Travel Tips: Theraderm’s Travel Kit “Keep Your Skin Fresh & Hydrated While Flying” At The Travel Moms we are always traveling and a lot of times that means taking airplanes. One of the biggest challenges I have flying is staying hydrated. The dry cabin air seems to suck all the moisture from my skin. When I was flying to Australia I was very concerned about staying hydrated. We had to fly to Vancouver which was a 5 hour flight and then we caught another plane to Sydney, Australia which was 15 hours in the air. After trying many moisturizers on my previous trips I finally found the perfect solution, Theraderm. If you are sick of your tired, rashy, itchy, or dry skin when on airplanes? If you want to keep your skin looking fresh during long travels? Well, Theraderm has a great new travel kit that will not only keep your skin moisturized and healthy during travels, but actually improve it.
]I arrived on the Gold Coast of Australia and did not have to spend days with horrible looking skin.The entire Theraderm System was created by a plastic surgeon to improve skin health and appearance. It defends the skin against the harsh environmental factors by restoring the skin’s ability to heal itself, and it also combats oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The Peptide Hydrator is great for planes [which are notorious for being ridiculously dry], and it works for any type of skin, including, dry, oily and combination. There’s an Enriched Moisturizer to prevent dryness on planes and Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen for hot vacation spots. The system also includes a Cleansing Wash, Fruit Acid Exfoliant, OPC Reparative Gel, Gentle Action Application Pads and the actual Peptide Hydrator. They all came in small enough containers that you can carry them around and bring them on planes, and it costs only $20. For me, I usually spend more than that trying to find individual products to get me through travel, which usually causes my skin to break out and develop rashes. The products also don’t contain any gluten, parabens, or lanolin. In addition, they come in larger sizes as well if you like them enough to buy them for full time usage. There are plenty of travel systems, but honestly, this is one of the cheapest and more effective ones I’ve seen. The Travel Moms highly recommends Theraderm to keep you hydrated when you are flying. To find out more about the product, visit their website [CLICK HERE]. Disclaimer: The Travel Moms has not received any payment or promotional products as a result of this review. All opinions are our own; we’ve received no monetary compensation for this post.


Ask any woman and she will tell you nothing seems to age her more than dark spots and a dull complexion. That’s why Dr. Beckman felt the addition of Swiss garden cress sprouts to our already amazing, Enlighten Skin Brightener, was so important! This phytonutrient acts as an antioxidant by blocking the formation of reactive oxidants caused by UV rays which in turn inhibits pigmentation mediators. So not only does it lighten, and lessen uneven pigmentation, but it also gives skin a radiant glow. And who doesn’t want to look more radiant? The benefits of Enlighten are so numerous, we decided to make it simple and list them out for you:\nEnlighten Skin Brightener\nAnti-Aging: fades the appearance of dark spots and discolorations\nProvides exceptional brightening benefits\nEvens skin tone giving a radiant appearance\nEffectively inhibits melanin formation\nReduces the effects of daytime stressors such as UV rays and environmental elements\nNeutralize reactive oxidants by acting as an indirect antioxidant\nHydroquinone-free, eliminating the need to “cycle” on and off the product\nYou can see that by adding Enlighten Skin Brightener to your daily routine, you will have skin that appears younger, brighter and healthier! Take a look at the image below – you can see spots that have faded and an overall lighter, more even appearance to the skin tone. Amazing results and simple to use!\nenlighten\n \nInstructions for use: Apply a light layer all over face twice daily immediately following Theraderm’s Fruit Acid Exfoliant. Follow Enlighten with OPC Reparative Gel and Facial Moisturizer. For daytime application, it is important to use Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen to protect skin from further sun damage and hyper-pigmentation.\nWhy follow with sunscreen? As mentioned above – sunscreen will protect newly lightened skin from “rebound hyper-pigmentation”. Rebound hyper-pigmentation is just like it sounds – it is pigmentation that has been suppressed but then stimulated once again by UV rays. This type of pigment is much more difficult to treat than the original case. What’s so amazing about Theraderm’s sunscreen?\nPlatinum Protection Facial Sunscreen\nBroad-spectrum protection protecting from both cancer-causing UVB rays and photo-aging UVA rays\nSPF 43\nOil-free and cosmetically elegant for use under makeup\nContains micronized zinc oxide which doesn’t leave a white sheen on the surface of skin\nLucky you…we have a special offer going on at Therapon.com. Purchase the Enlighten Skin Brightener + Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen together for just $59.50! Hurry this offer is limited!


We often hear, “If the Theraderm Skin Renewal System is so great, why do you have additional products?”\nThis is actually a GREAT question! Yes, the Skin Renewal System is a great basic, daily skin care regimen that will help maintain skin health. However, there are THREE different types of skin on our faces. And all three have different needs. For instance, the lips have no oil glands and require outside moisturizing means. The eye lids are the opposite and have several oil glands that can easily clog. They require an oil-free product and one that is non-comedogenic. Obviously, the third type is simply our facial skin. As it ages, the natural anti-aging processes slow and require help. This is why Dr. Beckman, the brilliant man that he is, developed additional, targeted products that work synergystically and with purpose. This way, you can personalize your skin care routine to best suit your needs.\nAnother common question is, “When I add the targeted products to my routine, how do they work together and is there a right way or wrong way to apply them?” Yet another great question and the exact reason we created the “Personalize Your Skin Care” card.\nBelow is the order you should be using the products. We have also included the reasoning behind the specific order and what that particular product is doing for your skin.\nNuPeel Natural Enzyme Peel. 2-3 times a week on dry skin. \nNon-abrasive, micronutrient-rich gel removes the top layer of dead skin cells, which allows the active ingredients in the remaining products to penetrate more deeply and evenly. Also contains Argireline® and retinol to stimulate collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.\nCleansing Wash. 2 times daily.\nCleanse and refresh your skin with this soap-free, oil-free, and fragrance free formula that removes dirt, oil and makeup-up without drying skin.\nFruit Acid Exfoliant. 2 times daily.\n10% lactic acid stimulates and accelerates cell turnover and collagen production for a healthy, radiant glow. Lactic acid also acts as a “transporter” and delivers active ingredients deep beneath the surface for greater efficacy.\nGentle Action Application Pads. 2 times daily.\nFor optimal results of the Fruit Acid Exfoliant, use these! Not to be confused with cotton pads available at drugstores, the innovative texture of these pads allows another level of mild exfoliation, optimizing the absorption process of active ingredients.\nEnlighten Skin Brightener. 2 times daily.\nKojic acid, L-Arbutin and Swiss garden cress extract reduce hyperpigmentation and brighten skin gently. Hydroquinone-free, which eliminates the need to cycle off and on this product. Using after the Fruit Acid Exfoliant greatly enhances the benefits of this product.\nOPC Reparative Gel. 2 times daily.\nRepair sun-damaged skin and inhibit future UVA/UVB radiation damage with the powerful antioxidant, Pycnogenol. Also protects and assists the repair of collagen and elastin which are necessary for a strong skin matrix.\nEternox Peptide Crème. 2 times daily.\nPacked with an exclusive combination of three peptides, Soluble Keratin Peptide, Matrixyl® and Argireline®, this lightweight crème stimulates the production of collagen which increases skin firmness AND reduces the appearance of moderate lines, wrinkles and furrows. It is important to apply this product prior to the moisturizer in order to have the peptides directly on the skin so they can work their magic!\nPeptide Repair Eye Crème. 2 times daily.\nCombination of two peptides, patented Soluble Keratin Peptide and Argireline®, work together to reduce lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. Caffeine and Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract lessen the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. This oil-free, non-comedogenic formula won’t clog pores. It is important to note this product needs to be applied directly to skin prior to moisturizers.\nPeptide Hydrator or Enriched Facial Moisturizer. 2 times daily.\nReplenish the moisture barrier with your choice of moisturizers. Peptide Hydrator provides light hydration for normal, combination or oil-prone skin. Enriched Facial Moisturizer is formulated with superfine lanolin to hydrate dry or mature skin.\nAnti-Aging Lip Complex. 2 times daily and as needed throughout the day.\nWe know it isn’t on the card – but it’s still important to take care of your lips. This product contains the peptide Matrixyl® to reduce lip lines while preventing lipstick feathering and enhancing lip volume. Avocado oil and Vitamin E provide superior hydration all day.\nPlatinum Protection Facial Sunscreen. 1 time daily in the am.\nProtect your skin AND the results of a great skin care routine with Theraderm’s Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen. Broad-spectrum, oil-free, non-comedogenic – what’s not to like about this product? Formulated to be cosmetically elegant, it absorbs quickly and leaves skin prepared for makeup application….if you even need makeup after following this skin care regimen!\nThere you have it. This is the order in which you apply the products! Tell us, which products do you use? And did you find this helpful? If you need further assistance in determining what is right for your skin type and condition click this link to find a skin care professional near you: http://www.therapon.com/Near-You\nAnd to make life even easier, here is a “Personalize Your Skin Care” card for you to click, download, print and use!


As much as some of us love to hate Angelina Jolie, one thing is certain; we are in awe of her amazing lips. Who doesn’t want lips like hers?\nAs we age, collagen production slows significantly causing our lips to appear thinner and almost flat. This lack of collagen also allows facial skin around the lips to loosen which enhances the appearance of lip lines. Additionally, our lips contain no oil glands so the slightest bit of dehydration further thins them.\nSo what’s the solution? Lucky for you, Theraderm’s Anti-Aging Lip Complex addresses each of these issues! Let’s take a look at what it does and how:\nPlumps: Our lip complex contains Palmitoyl oligopeptide which is known to stimulate collagen production. Stimulate collagen and guess what? Your lips plump WITHOUT the annoying burning sensation that some lip plumpers create.\nReduces lip lines: Again, thank you peptides and your ability to stimulate collagen! Smooth those lines and wrinkles, leaving lips looking rejuvenated and younger! AND as a bonus, lipstick feathering is reduced because this product helps define the vermillion border! What’s a vermillion border? The definition around your lips – when this is stronger and more defined, lipstick stays on your lips, not around them!\nHydrates: You will fall in love with the way the Avocado oil and Vitamin E combination will make your lips feel! It has natural hydrating properties so it acts as emollient promoting soft, supple lips.\nProtects: The powerful antioxidant Vitamin E, protects lips from oxidative stressors AND adds additional hydrating power.\nYou can see why the Anti-Aging Lip Complex is one of our best selling products! Don’t be late to the game –buy yours today and have full, plump lips in no time! Then everyone will be envious of YOUR lips!\nCheck out this before and after picture! She had been using the Anti-Aging Lip Complex for just 29 days! Pretty amazing results!


I have dry skin, especially during the harsh winter months. I am not sure if I should use the Body Restoration Crème or the Extreme Dry Skin Therapy. What do you suggest?\n“Excellent question and one I often get. When I think of Extreme Dry Skin Therapy, I think of a targeted treatment for very dry, unhealthy skin. Extreme Dry Skin Therapy contains 20% superfine lanolin, which is the highest-grade lanolin available, so it is very healing. This crème is perfect for those times you may be experiencing deep cracks or possibly even bleeding. The most common places for this to occur would be the heels or hands. You can reduce healing time by applying a liberal amount to feet and/or hands and cover with socks or gloves before bed. In less than a week’s time, you should notice a significant difference.”\n“Theraderm’s Body Restoration Crème, on the other hand, is a renewal crème that should be used daily and all over. This crème is formulated with 7% lactic acid and 6% superfine lanolin. The lactic acid enhances the body’s natural exfoliation process, leaving skin soft and smooth. The lanolin, which is the same lanolin that is in Extreme Dry Skin Therapy, replaces the natural moisture barrier, reducing the need to re-apply throughout the day. The results will be enhanced if applied immediately following patting dry after showering.”\n“I hope this helps you determine which crème you need to use. Both are very excellent and were created to work WITH the body’s natural ability to heal itself.”

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