How Often Would You Recommend Repeating a Jessner Peel?

Ask Dr. B.How Often Would You Recommend Repeating a Jessner Peel?
Beckman Staff asked 3 years ago

Thank you for your insightful article on “Controlling Acne with Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment”.  How often would you recommend repeating a Jessner peel for

  1. Teen Acne with open/closed comodones and pustuals?
  2. Hormonal acne in women 35-50?

Also what products are you recommending for treating rosacea that contains OPC and thiotic acid.

What are your thoughts on BPO cleansers and gels?

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Beckman Staff answered 3 years ago

I treat teen acne and also hormonal acne in women with the Reversion Acne Control System available through Therapon Skin Health. This system is a very effective acne control method used daily. Two products comprise the everyday usage system. Clarifying Cleanser uses 1% salicylic acid and an ingredient formerly used in surgical scrub soaps to gently clean and exfoliate the affected skin. Salicylic acid easily penetrates waxy sebum that usually is plugging the follicle opening. The second product, Purifying Toner, is a “leave on” product with 2% Salicylic acid and Lactic Acid. There is a third product in the system for use on newly emerging breakouts before they become pustules. It is a Spot Treatment for application at only bedtime just before the formation of the beginning zit. It is also a “leave-on” product. By morning the spot has gone away without forming the breakout. This spot treatment employs 7.%% Benzoyl Peroxide
There is no reason to repeat Jessner peels more often than weekly. For treating problem skin including oily prone and with or without acne (presence of comodones or even with active closed pustules), I treat with a Jessner Peel even over the pustules. This will un-roof the pustules so healing can occur from the bottom up.
The following week if there are open areas where the pustules had been I would not apply Jessner directly to the open/raw area but would repeat the a Jessner peel if needed in a series of planned 4-6 peels for the acne.
The product, Theraderm OPC Reparative Gel, contains Thiotic acid (also named Alpha Lipoic Acid) which is a wonderful scavenger of free radicals present. OPC, the ingredient, shrinks dilated capillaries that have given the red color to “Rosacea” skin. After 5 days or so nearly every patient with Rosacea will have marked improvement if not complete disappearance of the red color. The OPC does not however “CURE” the Roseacea as it is a disease in and of itself. If the OPC were to stop being used, the red color may re-appear. For this reason the product is gladly used continually by most Rosea patients!
The OPC gel also contains Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidin, a natural chemical found in the French Maritime Pine Bark source. Cyanidin refers to the “blue color in vegatables like eggplant as well as the thing in maple leaves that keep them from oxidizing and losing the red color as the leaves fall. The proanthocyanidins are the most potent antioxidant known and even work well if taken orally to keep healthy heart and vessels.