7 Simple Ways to Instantly Look Younger

7 Simple Ways to Instantly Look Younger

August 20, 2019 by

Let’s face it. None of us are getting any younger. And if you haven’t noticed – the new talent coming into the office is usually around the ripe old age of 22. As we, um…..mature, it is important to maintain a youthful appearance to keep us from looking stodgy, boring or out of fresh ideas. It’s time to step up our game ladies! We have the new generation of women to mentor! Luckily, looking younger INSTANTLY isn’t difficult. Follow these tips below and the new talent? They’ll be begging for tips from you!\nPlump Those Lips\nNothing screams “old lady” like lips that have lost their pout. Did you know lips have no sebaceous or oil glands, therefore only saliva (yuck!) keeps them hydrated? Plump up your lips with a moisturizing treatment. We just happen to know of one that contains avocado oil that plumps lips WITHOUT that weird, tingly feeling. Give Theraderm’s Anti-Aging Lip Complex a try! BONUS: It also contains an anti-aging peptide to help with those annoying lip lines!\nConcealer is Your Friend\nDon’t stop with concealer under your eyes! Dab a small amount on the the inner and outer corners to brighten up dark areas. Use a small amount around your nose and even along marionette lines. Brightness reflects light making those lines and shadows seem to disappear!\nUse Conditioning Hair Gloss\nYears of blow dryers, washing, coloring and take a toll on our hair making it dull and dry. Damaged hair ages us exponentially – so do yourself a favor and find a conditioning gloss. Not only do they make hair appear more healthy, they lock in moisture to help prevent further damage. This is a simple, 30 minute process you can do at home!\nProfessional Bra Fitting\nThis may sound odd – but an ill-fitting bra ages us instantly. Sagging in the front and “back rolls” are unattractive and unprofessional. Spend a little extra money for the professional fitting and a QUALITY bra. You’ll be amazed at the difference a great bra makes. It not only lifts and puts “the girls” where they belong, it helps with your posture, making you appear younger AND more confident!\nMakeup Primer\nPrimers are a God-send! Typically silicon based, they fill in small lines and pores creating a smooth surface for foundations. There are several good ones out there in a broad price range, anywhere from $10 to $60. Try a few out to find one that works for you.\nProfessional Chemical Peels\nWe stress PROFESSIONAL because so much can go wrong with facial procedures. And we don’t even want to know where the peeling solutions on popular “bidding sites” come from. A professional will order their solutions from reputable manufacturers and teach you how to get your skin in optimal condition before the peel. They should provide post-peel care as well.\nChemical peels remove the top layer of skin which stimulates collagen production. This reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores! Mid-depth peels can also help with adult acne or melasma! You will LOVE the new, smooth surface of your skin after a chemical peel. Takes less than 1 hour and the results are gorgeous!\nWhat about you? Do you have tips to help you look younger? Do you feel pressure to maintain a youthful appearance in the workplace?

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