What Makes Soluble Keratin Peptides So Special?

What Makes Soluble Keratin Peptides So Special?

September 30, 2019 by

We’ll let Dr. Beckman answer that question:\nBesides being available exclusively in Theraderm skin care products, Soluble keratin peptides are the ultimate natural, active ingredients. They are derived from natural keratin fibers (wool) and almost duplicate nature’s own control mechanism causing new cell growth with 12% increase in fibroblasts (the cells in skin that manufacture ALL collagen) and 26% increase in Keratinocytes (epidermal cells). When applied topically, they send a message that collagen has been lost and your body needs to generate more.\nOriginally intended for wound-healing, Soluble keratin peptides are protected by 31 different patents. One patent covers application to wounds with NO skin (from burns, trauma, etc.) to cause the body to regrow new skin coverage. Because they are derived from natural structural/matrix proteins, they retain “template activity” for stimulating the repair and formation of new collagen and elastin. These are the substances that give strength and thickness to skin. They also know what is damaged and/or missing from sun exposure and the aging process in human skin.\nThis “template” aspect allows large amounts of new collagen to be created more rapidly than synthetic (computer-designed) peptides manufactures from scratch. The result is the removal of laxity and thus decreased number and size of wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin. For additional information about the importance of peptides in skin care click here.\nThe use of Soluble keratin peptides in skin care products is EXCLUSIVE to Theraderm, they are available in our Eternox Peptide Crème, Peptide Hydrator and Peptide Repair Eye Crème. Products can be purchased through Therapon.com or if you prefer, you may check our physician locator to: Find Therapon Near You

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