How to Minimize the Appearance of Large Pores

How to Minimize the Appearance of Large Pores

November 26, 2019 by

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to your pores. How many of us have cringed when looking into those dreaded magnifying mirrors? Pores that we already know are larger due to aging are now magnified 5 or 10 times their actual size! Throw in the fact that high-definition photography makes even the tiniest skin blemish appear larger than life and we just can’t seem to win! While you certainly can’t get rid of your pores, there are ways you can minimize their appearance and help restore a smooth complexion.\nCleanliness is Key\nWant to make your pores appear smaller? Keep them clean. Use a gentle cleanser twice a day to wash away dead skin cells and prevent oil from building up. Excess oil can clog your pores—making them more visible which can also lead to acne breakouts. And pimples temp us to pick or squeeze. This can cause trauma to the skin and even permanently enlarge the pore. Theraderm’s Cleansing Wash is the perfect gentle cleanser to use twice daily.\nToner?\nPeople ask us all the time, “Do I really need a toner?” The fact is toners play an important role in your skin care routine by getting rid of any remaining makeup residue or excess oil that sits in your pores. They also balance your skin’s pH levels so you have just the right amount of oil to protect your skin without causing blockages. Many people love the fresh feeling after using a toner, and maintain that their pores feel tighter! Choose an exfoliating toner such as Theraderm’s Fruit Acid Exfoliant to remove pesky surface oils and dead skin cells that can clog pores.\nDon’t cover up\nCovering large pores with makeup sounds like a logical solution. But caking on foundation can actually make them appear worse. Make-up can pool in pores, making them more noticeable. Instead of covering up, prep your skin with a primer prior to foundation application to create a perfectly smooth canvas. And don’t forget to wash the foundation off before going to bed.\nNext time you’re obsessing over your pores, remember, taking care of your skin as a whole with a regular skin care routine will not only help you maintain beautiful, healthy-looking skin, but it’ll also help you achieve that look of pore-less perfection!

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