OPC and Vitamin C Synergism

OPC and Vitamin C Synergism

June 24, 2020 by Beckman

Both OPC and Vitamin C are effective free radical scavengers (antioxidants), although OPC is 20 times more effective as a scavenger. OPC is the most potent of the free radical scavengers in the group of polyphenols. Most of us know polyphenols to be good antioxidants found in green tea, red wines, and grape seed extract. Vitamin C functions in the body primarily as a vitamin, but also is a good antioxidant.

Vitamin C is necessary for life as it is the only molecule that can allow enable amino acids to connect in the formation of structural protein chains collagen and DNA. It also is necessary for stabilizing collagen helical chains (long ribbon-like strands) to give the extraordinary skin strength. As vitamin C cannot be made by the human body, it must be consumed orally from diet or supplements. 

If Vitamin C is not actively involved with the collagen restoration and a free radical is near, it readily binds itself to the free radical. Once Vitamin C is chemically bonded to a free radical it is no longer useful until it becomes recharged by giving up the free radical. Imagine the mental picture of two hands holding a hot dish. The hot dish must be put down in before picking up another object!

Therapon’s OPC Reparative Gel is very effective at recharging/restoring Vitamin C. Removal of a captured free radical from vitamin C is also aided by action of Alpha Lipoic Acid in the gel. This allows normal dietary intake of Vitamin C to give ample availability for rebuilding or restoration functions involving collagen with absolutely no need for topical vitamin C use!

OPC has four significant and unique properties:

  1. As the most potent antioxidant to be found, it is 20 times more effective as a free radical scavenger/antioxidant than Vitamin C because it has many more “active sites”.
  2. OPC is exactly the right length and configuration to stabilize a collagen helix (triple strands like ribbons) during repair processes (with vitamin C assisting in the actual repair). OPC fits three dimensionally between collagen helical strands to act like “ladder rungs” for stability during the repair. So OPC both assists and enhances Vitamin C during collagen synthesis.
  3. Theraderm’s OPC Reparative Gel recharges large amounts of depleted Vitamin C and Vitamin E to restore their active availability to the system.
  4. OPC is soluble in both lipids (oil base) and water so it can act to protect cell walls, act in inter-cellular spaces, and be active inside cell nuclei to protect DNA.

OPC                                                                               Vitamin C                                                                 

~20X more effective as an antioxidant than Vitamin C     ~Effective antioxidant                                                            

~Soluble in both lipids & water (lipophilic)                       ~Soluble in water only (cannot

   Can protect cell walls or cell nuclei                                 Cannot penetrate cell membranes                                                                                                            

~Many scavenger sites, to protect against                       ~few scavenger sites to protect

  free radical damage                                                      against free radical damage                                                                                                                                                                     

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