Brighten Skin, Lighten Spots, Transform You!

Brighten Skin, Lighten Spots, Transform You!

January 27, 2020 by

Ask any woman and she will tell you nothing seems to age her more than dark spots and a dull complexion. That’s why Dr. Beckman felt the addition of Swiss garden cress sprouts to our already amazing, Enlighten Skin Brightener, was so important! This phytonutrient acts as an antioxidant by blocking the formation of reactive oxidants caused by UV rays which in turn inhibits pigmentation mediators. So not only does it lighten, and lessen uneven pigmentation, but it also gives skin a radiant glow. And who doesn’t want to look more radiant? The benefits of Enlighten are so numerous, we decided to make it simple and list them out for you:\nEnlighten Skin Brightener\nAnti-Aging: fades the appearance of dark spots and discolorations\nProvides exceptional brightening benefits\nEvens skin tone giving a radiant appearance\nEffectively inhibits melanin formation\nReduces the effects of daytime stressors such as UV rays and environmental elements\nNeutralize reactive oxidants by acting as an indirect antioxidant\nHydroquinone-free, eliminating the need to “cycle” on and off the product\nYou can see that by adding Enlighten Skin Brightener to your daily routine, you will have skin that appears younger, brighter and healthier! Take a look at the image below – you can see spots that have faded and an overall lighter, more even appearance to the skin tone. Amazing results and simple to use!\nenlighten\n \nInstructions for use: Apply a light layer all over face twice daily immediately following Theraderm’s Fruit Acid Exfoliant. Follow Enlighten with OPC Reparative Gel and Facial Moisturizer. For daytime application, it is important to use Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen to protect skin from further sun damage and hyper-pigmentation.\nWhy follow with sunscreen? As mentioned above – sunscreen will protect newly lightened skin from “rebound hyper-pigmentation”. Rebound hyper-pigmentation is just like it sounds – it is pigmentation that has been suppressed but then stimulated once again by UV rays. This type of pigment is much more difficult to treat than the original case. What’s so amazing about Theraderm’s sunscreen?\nPlatinum Protection Facial Sunscreen\nBroad-spectrum protection protecting from both cancer-causing UVB rays and photo-aging UVA rays\nSPF 43\nOil-free and cosmetically elegant for use under makeup\nContains micronized zinc oxide which doesn’t leave a white sheen on the surface of skin\nLucky you…we have a special offer going on at Purchase the Enlighten Skin Brightener + Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen together for just $59.50! Hurry this offer is limited!

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