Theraderm Skin Renewal Travel System – Review from “Tourist Meets Traveler”

Theraderm Skin Renewal Travel System – Review from “Tourist Meets Traveler”

February 7, 2020 by

Here at the office people often ask what we think of this product or that product. We’re slightly biased because if we didn’t love these products it would be hard to work here. So this month we thought we’d share what other people are saying about our products. Leave a comment if you happen to know this blogger and tell us what you think. Travel Tips: Theraderm’s Travel Kit “Keep Your Skin Fresh & Hydrated While Flying” At The Travel Moms we are always traveling and a lot of times that means taking airplanes. One of the biggest challenges I have flying is staying hydrated. The dry cabin air seems to suck all the moisture from my skin. When I was flying to Australia I was very concerned about staying hydrated. We had to fly to Vancouver which was a 5 hour flight and then we caught another plane to Sydney, Australia which was 15 hours in the air. After trying many moisturizers on my previous trips I finally found the perfect solution, Theraderm. If you are sick of your tired, rashy, itchy, or dry skin when on airplanes? If you want to keep your skin looking fresh during long travels? Well, Theraderm has a great new travel kit that will not only keep your skin moisturized and healthy during travels, but actually improve it.
]I arrived on the Gold Coast of Australia and did not have to spend days with horrible looking skin.The entire Theraderm System was created by a plastic surgeon to improve skin health and appearance. It defends the skin against the harsh environmental factors by restoring the skin’s ability to heal itself, and it also combats oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The Peptide Hydrator is great for planes [which are notorious for being ridiculously dry], and it works for any type of skin, including, dry, oily and combination. There’s an Enriched Moisturizer to prevent dryness on planes and Platinum Protection Facial Sunscreen for hot vacation spots. The system also includes a Cleansing Wash, Fruit Acid Exfoliant, OPC Reparative Gel, Gentle Action Application Pads and the actual Peptide Hydrator. They all came in small enough containers that you can carry them around and bring them on planes, and it costs only $20. For me, I usually spend more than that trying to find individual products to get me through travel, which usually causes my skin to break out and develop rashes. The products also don’t contain any gluten, parabens, or lanolin. In addition, they come in larger sizes as well if you like them enough to buy them for full time usage. There are plenty of travel systems, but honestly, this is one of the cheapest and more effective ones I’ve seen. The Travel Moms highly recommends Theraderm to keep you hydrated when you are flying. To find out more about the product, visit their website [CLICK HERE]. Disclaimer: The Travel Moms has not received any payment or promotional products as a result of this review. All opinions are our own; we’ve received no monetary compensation for this post.

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