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I have a client whose daughter is up north in college and is finding the wear and tear the cold weather can create on her face.  She has eczema on her face and her mother just texted to ask me if the Body Restoration Creme I had on FB could be used on the face.  I told her I didn’t recommend that but that I would double check with you all to be certain and to see if you recommend another product for her if not. Also, my grandson who is 14 months broke out with bright red around his neck area which is where his eczema is located.  This was after only his third application of the Body Restoration Creme.  His mommy thinks it was the creme…I tend to think it was something else.
Posted by Beckman
Asked on September 18, 2023 4:51 am

The Body Restoration Crème would work very well on the face and neck for eczema or even just dryness. The BRC has lactic acid that would help with exfoliation and preparing the skin for more even and better penetration in order to work on eczema. The lanolin content would restore the skin condition. So yes, I would use it there.

For the infant with neck eczema it is unlikely, but possible, that the BRC could be connected. Heat rash and other factors can also cause those things. To see if the child has any sort of incompatibility with BRC simply put some twice daily on a small area of the upper and inner arm. If there is a skin sensitivity to BRC it would cause similar redness to occur in the treated area on the arm. That would answer our question then.

Dr. Beckman

Posted by Beckman
Answered On September 18, 2023 5:33 am